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How do I pay for classes?

Tuition for recreational classes should be paid on the 28th of each month for the following month and can be paid at the front desk or by phone.


What should my child wear for class?


We recommend that your child wear a leotard or tight athletic fitting clothing. Your child will not wear shoes or socks on the floor.

How do I register?

On the recreational page and below, you will find a liability wavier and a registration form that you will be required to fill out prior to registering your child for his/her class.

If I need to drop the class, how do I do so?

PGA requires a 30 day notice for dropping a class. You will be billed for the 30 days regardless of attendance.

How do you train your coaches?

Our coaches go through extensive training and assistant coaching before they head coach their own classes. We hold monthly meetings to improve upon coaching skills and drills.

Is there a registration period?


You can register for classes at any time in the year. We do not have a restrictive registration period.


Is there space in the gym for parents to watch classes?


We have a parents viewing area for you to watch your child during their class. Due to COVID19, we are asking that parents limit their watching time in the gym. 

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