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Recreational  Classes 

Peak's recreational program is designed to give each and every child the building blocks to succeed at anything they want to do inside or outside of the gym. The coaching staff is led by a powerhouse of knowledge from multiple regional and national champions and elite-level gymnasts. Peak has the passion and knowledge to help any child grow and succeed in whatever dream they desire.

Annual Registration fee (non-refundable): $45 for 1 child or $60 for family

A 30 day notice is required for discontinuing enrollment. You will be charged for 1 month of tuition starting on the date the class is dropped.

Please click Preschool or Recreational classes to see our current available class times!

Prices as follows(discounted price per payment policy):

Preschool: $84/month

Rec 1 and Rec 2: $92/month

Rec 3: $115/month

Rec 4: $160/month

All tumbling classes: $92/month

PRESCHOOL: 45 minutes; ages 3&4

REC 1: 55 minutes; beginner gymnastics class

REC 2: 55 minutes; intermediate gymnastics class

REC 3: 1 hours 30 minutes; advanced gymnastics class

REC 4: 3 hours; 2 times per week for more advanced gymnasts

BEGINNER TUMBLE: 55 minutes; beginner tumbling class

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLE: 55 minutes; intermediate tumbling class

ADVANCED TUMBLE: 55 minutes; advanced tumbling class

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